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January 22, 2018


I just finished watching a video: elders react to “The Story of O.J.”

One of the women was recalling how she grew up around those types of cartoons. One man mentioned how elders wouldn’t get it because of the constant stating of the n-word. All of the elders initially reacted to the n-word being used, some saying we’re not supposed to say that. (White man you are correct you cannot say that.) But the black elders agreed that it was probably somewhat too derogatory.


Now, they’re much older than us. They know this life more than any of us, more than Jay-Z. At 6:52 is when it was mentioned how rappers use the word. That prompted this thought in my head: young people are very good at, when they learn about the past, about how they were wronged, or their people were wronged, taking the reins and making the decision on how they are going to fix what is broken.


Rappers flipped the term “nigger/a” to where only blacks could say it and it would be like a reclaiming for black people. If you’re reading this and don’t understand, I’ve thought about it as like when “Fat Amy” from Pitch Perfect calls herself that so that no one else could call her fat. Its like I can pick on my sibling, but I will punch you if you do. I agree with that. In daily use, it lacks that derogatory effect.


But watching those black elders responses put things in perspective. You know when your parent wants something a certain way, but you as a child either think you’re doing what is right or you think your way is the better way and you do it anyway…? That’s what that dialogue, or lack there of reminds me of. There are so many ways life is intertwined. The same way a mother cannot understand her daughter because of a lack of communication, is the same way one generation and another experience a disconnect. I know you feel the disconnect.


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