The Craziest Trip to New York City

February 19, 2018



When I say this is the most hectic trip I’ve ever been on... I'll get straight to the point though because I came back to quite some work at school and honestly don't have the energy to go over details. I promise I'll explain things better next time, but you can catch more of the story on youtube and on social media. 


To meet Nicole at the airport, I took the subway, a car... (Why did I let her fly into the farthest airport?!)


Alas... we met! It was a great bff reunion! We ran towards each other like in the movies! I couldn't believe Nicole was up north, much less that we were really going to New York together-- and we made it happen last minute. 


She flew in from ATL, then we took a train, then we took a bus. We got to NY. Then we took the subway, then we took the metro-bus, then walked... all to get to where we were staying. At this point it was six in the morning.


We slept late, so we woke up late. That was a trend we set for the rest of the trip without trying. But here we are...


Day one:


 We took these next couple pictures after meeting my cousin in Harlem for a fitting. The feeling of disbelief was still there... we really came to NY together and went to fashion week... more or less.  


By the end of the night we went to Extra Virgin, one of my fave restaurants in the Greenwich/ Meatpacking area. 

For the sake of being honest... I had no money to pay for the food because I suddenly got all these charges to my account... things turned out fine because I am blessed to have these two fairly odd -parents!


Day 2:

I. Was. Starving. I felt so weak, the first thing we did was find somewhere to eat.

 A closeup of my sweet potato fries at byChloe... not what I expected, but the food was bomb af nonetheless...


Friday turned out out to be slow and runaround-ish... 

We ate at The Coffee Shop in Union Square, then went out to some after parties... or tried to...


Us before the Justine Skye party we decided not to go to, after all...



Day 3:


We went to the Mac Duggal show... got some Milk & Cereal Cream Bar... tried cha cha matcha... maybe what I got wasn't great, but I threw it away and I felt so bad for wasting it and wasting my money!

 Later that night... in Brooklyn:



After this is when things really got crazy... long story short...

Our parents went crazy ...

(I do something embarrassing on impulse to try to save the situation)

We went back to Manhattan to meet my cousin...

She wasn't there ... (a lot of $$ being wasted at this point)

Phones died... 


The last day we..

missed church...

Missed our bus back (to my) home...

Luckily caught another bus... 

Spirit calls and apparently canceled Nicoles flight back (to her) home...


Yet, by the Grace of God, everything turned out fine in the end...


That being said... Always give yourself credit. We cried so much by the end of this trip, but it was bitter sweet! It was Nicole's first time in NY...New York is one of if not my favorite city and it was an adventure, for sure... as it always is! Being two broke college girls with a lot going on, we were able to accomplish way more than we thought *crying emoji* and looked good doing it for sure! AAAAOOOOOW!

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